We design and build our own support gear for performance, flexibility and portability.


Tilt/Pan Head
Our custom built 2nd generation tilt/pan head is controlled through a control box that allows us to ramp up and down the speed as the head is moving.

3D Tilt/Pan Head
This is our latest tilt/pan head that allow us to shoot using 2 cameras for 3D productions.

This is our custom built dolly system. It moves horizontally or vertically along its 14 foot length. We also can attach a tilt/pan head to it.

Railing Crawler
This was specially built to crawl along bridge railings. It was first used in the Vancouver City video. It can be adjusted to accommodate a rang of railing widths. The controller allows us to take a picture every
few inches to many feet.

Here are a couple pictures of our gear setup.



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